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Weekend Roundup - Week 17 - Who run the world?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Week 17 of the 2022/23 Junior National League season saw 9 of our junior teams in action across the region.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th February.

Saturday 4th February

LDM vs COLBC U12 Boys Black

Result: (L)

Coach Dave Piggott: "The boys in black learned a lot in tough loss to city neighbours. The shots weren't falling early and it took a while for the boys to find their range and feel for the ball on a hard floor and rims. The defence and offensive intentions improved as the game went on and a number of the lads tried hard to move the ball and find good shots. The opposition were too big and athletic in the end, dominating the boards, leading to third, fourth and fifth opportunities. You tend to learn more in a loss and there were lots of opportunities to learn and improve in this game.

Performer of the game: Lucas Gibbs-Martin

Teeside Lions vs COLBC U14 Boys White

Result: 74-50 (L)

Coach Sian Wood: "The energy was high from the boys today as we travelled over to Teeside. Our first quarter lacked movement on offence for the first few minutes which resulted in numerous turnovers. This was then turned around towards the end of the quarter and the boys began using spacing and quick passes on the cuts to gain points on the scoreboard. Our second quarter was by far the best I’ve seen them play with complete focus on both offence and defence. The players made a deliberate effort to deny any face cuts and the great help defence from no.15 Mario gained us the rebounds we needed to maintain the point gap. Offensively, we continued to hold the ball and wait for the right cut and after noticing this as our strong point, the boys confidence soared when it came to finishing. We saw some great shots from No.11 Harry who helped keep the point gap to just 2, ready for the second half.

In the second half, our energy was high but a lack of composure on defence resulted in a number of reaching fouls and handing Teeside free points. Nonetheless, the boys hustled for the remaining 20minutes of play and finished overall with a great result of 74-50; a brilliant display of how the boys are further improving week on week."

Performer of the game: Dylan Storey

LDM vs COLBC U16 Boys White

Result: 60-39 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A tough matchup against our city rivals. A close, competitive and end to end battle. The boys played aggressively in the first half with lots of defensive stops and great movement on and off the ball. This continued for entirety for the first half to keep us within 3 points! Unfortunately, we struggled to continue the same composure offensively and had some lapses in our defence which extended their lead. The first half showed exactly what we are capable of as a team and we will look to replicate this for future training and games!"

Performer of the game: Eden Kagwe

Bradford Dragons vs COLBC U14 Boys Black

Result: 42-47 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "An exciting fixture which we knew would be tough as the last time we faced it was a close victory. The boys performed well and took an advantage early on in the first quarter but slowly got caught up against a tall Bradford side. After a constant trading of scores for the first 7 minutes of play in the fourth quarter, the boys dug deep defensively and made some major stops to create a transition opportunity and score putting them up by 3. Bradford had no choice but to foul and with a calm and collected walk to the free-throw line, the last two points of the game had finished off a fantastic performance. An amazing showcase of what has been worked on individually and as a team. They should all be proud of their efforts."

Performer of the game: Alfie Young

Derby Trailblazers vs COLBC U16 Boys Gold

Result: 74-44 (L)

Coach Matt NewbyThe U16’s premier game in derby was genuinely a tough day at the office for all concerned. With a combination of defensive lapses, turnovers and coming up 2nd place in possessional aspects such as loose balls and rebounding aspects that hurts us.

There were some positives in terms of Matt Schofield’s return to the floor bolstering offence. A strong return from Angus Hickeys minutes in terms of rebounding and blocked shots and mature efforts from Will Tracy and Dan Connor.

Critically we gave up to May possessions to be the game at the close but the group continues to improve and hard knocks often are the best lessons."

Performer of the game: Angus Hickey

East Durham Lions vs COLBC U18 Men Gold

Result: 88-27 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham: "A difficult away game for the boys against a tall side in Durham. Offensively our decision making was solid but the shots just weren’t dropping. It was promising to see improvements in areas we had focused on in practice although this wasn’t enough to slow down the opposition.

Performer of the game: Jools Barton

Lancashire Spinners vs COLBC U18 Women

Result: 48-58 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond: "Back to back solid performances from the U18 girls. Another extremely positive game. The offensive ball movement was EXCEPTIONAL today. Moving the ball quickly and efficiently, patiently waiting for the best shooting/driving option.

Another positive takeaway was the teams decision-making and shot selection, showing clear improvement in our ability to read the game and opposition defence. We were just unfortunate that we didn't convert as many baskets as we could have.

This brings me onto the biggest aspect of our game today, which was the girls fight and desire to hustle. Every single COLB player on the floor gave their ALL today. Diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, proactive rotation on defence, chasing fast breaks, and intercepting passes.

Incredible work rate today to take the win. Proud coach!

Performer of the game: Abigail Stewart

Sunday 5th February

Newcastle Eagles vs COLBC U14 Boys Gold

Result: 100-30 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir: "The boys travelled to Newcastle to face a tough Eagles team. After starting slow, the boys focused on their play in transition to steady the ship. However, Newcastle showed their quality throughout. Despite a tough day, there were very positive performances from first year players, Josh Gatsi, Zac Francis Keevash and Maks Puszynski. The former showing some great skill and decision making on the offensive end of the floor."

Performers of the game: Maks Puzynski

Hartlepool Huskies vs COLBC U14 Girls Gold

Result: 24-73 (W)

Coach Ben Allen: "Great way to start off the month with the team travelling north to Hartlepool! With captain Sophie Conroy stepping up to play u16s in Barrow, Renèe Ieronymakis steered the ship. The girls flew out the gates to muster an impressive 20-3 first quarter and stayed in control throughout the game with positive minutes contributed by all! All round good performance with both Ellie Saunders and Lucy Mills asserting themselves on offence and defence respectively, applying on court what we have been working on in practice!"

Performers of the game: Zoe Nathaniel

Barrow Thorns vs COLBC U16 Girls

Result: 43-64 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond: "Incredible weekend for the girls. The team were on fire today!

Reflection from previous battles with Barrow was our lack of composure after a defensive rebound , often rushing and turning over possession. This was not the case today. The girls were Incredible with their care of the ball. From boxing out, to claiming the rebound, followed by looking and demonstrating incredible patience to find the safest pass. Rebounding was a massive highlight of our game.

Another once again being the desire to hustle for every loose ball. The girls willing to fight for absolutely everything. Again being a whole team effort. This also transpired to the defence, there was not one moment where the girls didn't sprint back in transition. Often recovering before the offensive team! Turning their advantage immediately back to ours.

A couple of moments where offensively we began to tire, and rely on others. However this was resolved quickly when performing tactical plays, and doing so extremely well.

Worth noting some amazing individual performances too, with players across the board demonstrating their abilities to drive through tough gaps, draw fouls, and still make the layup at the end. N0.9 Victory Uzomah and N0.11 Hattie Miles showing incredible athleticism off the drive, Along with N0.6 Marley Littler and N0.7 Sophie Conroy showing off their brilliant physical ability to take the contact, use it in their favour, and still convert the points.

Another game to be immensely proud of.

Performer of the game: Marley Littler

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"Another positive weekend for the women and girls with a clean sweep across the three fixtures. Coach Lamond’s charges taking wins to keep their records firmly in the green, at both the U16 and U18 level, against Barrow and Lancashire Spinners respectively.

The U14’s Gold Girls notches up another W and this keeps them on track for a top 3 finish.

Showing maturity against the developing and improving Hartlepool Huskies."

That wraps up the seventeenth edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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