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COLBC U18 Women crowned U18 Women North Conference Champions!

Everyone at the City Of Leeds Basketball programme would like to congratulate the U18 Women on being crowned Champions of the Basketball England U18 Women North Conference today.

Following a double-winning weekend this Saturday and Sunday, the COLBC U18 Women have been crowned Champions of the U18 Women North Conference.

Head Coach Katie Lamond was delighted with the just-reward of all the hard work that this group of young women have put in, not just this season, but over many years with the programme.

"I am in awe of this group of girls. The level of teamwork and unity they have shown this season has been phenomenal. The incredible work rate and hustle in every single game this year has been what has got them the result. The support and trust of each other has allowed for some truly fabulous performances, fully allowing their excellence to shine through with every match up. Completely deserving of the title. This is a group of girls have played together for some time, and I'm overjoyed that they were able to not only finish the season on an unbelievable high, but for some of the girls, able to graduate from the programme on this amazing league win. To Isabelle Ritchie, Ella Ryan, Indi Leigh-Gale, Abigail Stewart and Nicole Carroll, thank you for your outstanding dedication to the club. Your impact to our squad has been fundamental. I'm so proud of each of your journeys , and congratulations on completing your tenure on such a fabulous result. Another league win which like the U16s, couldn't have happened without the amazing dedication from the players, parents and the club itself. Immensely proud of our U18s collective. Thank you for all for an amazing season."

COLBC Director Matt Newby joined Coach Lamond in praising the consistent commitment of the U18 Women over the last few years:

"In another round of significant news today, the club continues to celebrate the elevation of the women and girls game with our U18 Women securing the Northern Conference Championship.For a number of the girls, it will be their last season for the club and I am very happy that they have had the opportunity to sign off with a conference title. It is also credit to the rising stars of the U16s programme who have bolstered the ranks of our U18s this season and this is a gain a strong indictment of the work that the club and its coaches put in. Specifically, the hard work and dedication of Coach Katie Lamond. I would like to wish all our graduating Seniors all the best in their future endeavours and we hope that an important legacy of their journey is that they continue in the sport as they make the transition to their University destinations. Some have been with the club since the age of 8 or 9, which when timestamped, shows a decade in the city of Leeds vest. Thank you to all the parents for their support and we hope this second championship highlights the growth of the sport in our city, the advances that the club is making, and the exceptional role models that we have."

If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the club to play basketball in our girls programme, please email

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