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Weekend Roundup - Week 8 - U18s get their season rolling!

Week 8 of the 2022/23 Junior National League season saw 5 of our junior teams in action across the region.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November.

Saturday 19th November

COLBC U12 Boys Black vs Derbyshire Arrows

Result: 12-68 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "The boys started strong with a huge push and some good movement off the ball which led to some well thought-out scores as a team. Unfortunately, the energy was not enough against a tall Derbyshire side that continued to crash for rebounds. A great team effort against an experienced side! "

Performer of the game: Oscar Mason

COLBC U12 Boys Gold vs Derbyshire Arrows

Result: 67-47 (W)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A slow start to the game with some nervous energy coming against a tall and strong Derbyshire side. We struggled to move the ball offensively which kept the game close. However, the boys continued to play great team defence with lots of communication creating lots of transition scores and create passing to find the cutters which ultimately led to the win!"

Performer of the game: Archie Locke

York Eagles vs COLBC U14 Girls Gold

Result: 42-70 (W)

Coach Ben Allen: "Great start to the game with 8pts scored without reply! Being able to Drive, draw and dish worked well as the team spacing is improving game by game but foul trouble to some of the more experienced players meant the Eagles began to narrow the gap!

The players dug deep to adapt to the referees and built up a comfortable lead and good team win!"

Performer of the game: Lucy Mills

Hatfield Fliers vs COLBC U18 Boys Gold

Result: 43-52 (W)

Coach Murray Bingham: "Not only an excellent result for the team but also well deserved one following on from a few weeks of great practices. They had a slow start defensively but were excellent offensively throughout. Undoubtedly putting out their best showing offensively playing selfless basketball, reading the game exceptionally and adapting to whatever the opposition put out. The boys were outstanding in the second half defensively only allowing 8 points in total. The game was a pleasure for me to watch as a coach, with them playing some really beautiful team basketball."

Performer of the game: James Higgins

Sunday 20th November

COLBC U14 Girls Black vs Lancashire Spinners

Result: 16-74 (L)

Coach Sian Wood: "The girls came out a different team in the 3rd Quarter after a tough and fast first half. We maintained our calm and used spacing to an advantage which gained us points on the scoreboard. The girls came with lots of energy and readiness to play against a very experienced side and fought until the end buzzer. Each game is more experience under the belt."

Performer of the game: Jessica Woodward

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

“The quietest week since the beginning of the season would see 5 of our teams in action with the U12s Gold & Black both coming up against Derbyshire Arrows, which would result in a win for the Gold team and a loss for the Black team, but there was considerable development across the piece. The U14s Girls Gold would ride out a tough away game at local rivals York Eagles, where the final split didn't reflect the closeness of the game at times and Coach Allen was keen to highlight the significant output of his rotational players.

The U18 Boys Gold collected their first win of the season and Coach Bingham, in a well-deserved victory, would see the guys perform at both ends of the floor and the U14 Girls Black once again showed a great deal of resolve against the more experienced Lancashire Spinners. These performances, coupled with close to full sell-outs across our community sessions and Danny Evans' drop-in sessions this week, have ensured that all the young people involved continue to get the very highest return from the club."

That wraps up the eighth edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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