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Weekend Roundup - Week 4 - U12 Boys start strong

We are now 1 month in to the 2022/23 Junior National League season and 10 of our teams were in action across the country this weekend.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October.

Saturday 22nd October

COLBC U12 Boys Gold vs York Eagles I

Result: 56-28 (W)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A great game which showcased the individual and team talents in the group with lots of flashes of how much the team has come on in the last few weeks. Our composure was key for us today when in transition and communication on team defence was coordinated."

Performer of the game: Charlie Woodward

COLBC U12 Boys Gold vs York Eagles II

Result: 90-13 (W)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "This game was a real testament to the boys sportsmanship and ability to focus on the ‘bigger’ picture. We specialised in finding certain moments in the game with reference to our previous training sessions which created plenty of chances for the team to score."

Performer of the game: Archie Locke

COLBC U12 Boys Black vs York Eagles II

Result: 36-23 (W)

Coach Dave Piggott: "In what was the first ever game for many of the boys, they did fantastic running the break and playing team defence. The game was cagey in the first quarter, with lots of nerves, but the lads played with more control and fluency as the game went on. It was great to get a win, but everyone learned lots, too."

Performer of the game: Luis Woods

COLBC U12 Boys Black vs York Eagles I

Result: 26-60 (L)

Coach Dave Piggott: "Lots of tired legs in the second game of the day, as the boys faced an experienced and taller team. Again, lots of learning opportunities on offer as the lads had to find news ways to score and defend (and rebound).

Performer of the game: Liam Brostoff-Jordan

Manchester Mystics III vs COLBC U14 Girls Gold

Result: 39-75 (W)

Coach Ben Allen: "Golden girls stay 100! The Girls keep a perfect record against a young but talented Manchester Mystics 3. Taking a commanding 24-6 lead into the second quarter we made a much stronger start than the last time we were on the floor! The girls offensively were hard to stop but struggled at times to put the ball in the Basket! Like always we improve from game to game and refine our skills in practice. Overall good win!

Performer of the game: Renee Ieronymakis

COLBC U14 Girls Black vs York Eagles

Result: 22-68 (L)

Coach Katie Lamond: "Brilliant attitude and effort from the Girls today. Each and every player keeping their fighting spirit in every quarter. We matched up incredibly well in the first quarter , keeping the game even in score. The girls putting up some great shots!

Some rushed passes on our end, good steals and organisation from York in the second quarter interrupted our flow, meant that York took control of the game and began to pull away. However we came back with some great rebounds, preventing York from second chance scores. A little more game experience, and the girls will be fierce competition."

Performer of the game: Georgia Allen

COLBC U14 Boys White vs COLBC U14 Boys Black

Result: 23-71

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "The U14s team had a slow start but created opportunities for selfless basketball in transition and getting into our half-court sets. We managed to start using different tactics nearer the end of the game and even tried some inbound plays. A very exciting showcase of some of our youngest National League players!"

Performer of the game: Dan Simcox

Manchester Giants vs COLBC U16 Boys Gold

Result: 34-79 (L)

Coach Sam Messam: "U16 Boys travelled over the Pennines to face top of the table Manchester Giants. The Giants were unbeaten and averaging 100 points per game coming into today’s fixture, and presented a tough test for the us. As expected, Giants tried to set a fast pace from the off as they pressed full court and applied their aggressive style of defence from the first touch of the ball. The U16s were not to be intimidated and broke through the pressure, showing poise and patience as they moved the ball with precision and confidence. We fought hard for 30 minutes , challenging for everything and doing their best to stay with the high-powered Giants offence. At the final buzzer, the home side proved to be just that little bit too much for the traveling COLBC, eventually winning 79 - 34. However, the score doesn’t reflect the competitiveness, effort and fight put forward by the boys for most of the game.

Performer of the game: Ethan Utley

Teeside Lions vs COLBC U18 Boys Gold

Result: 59-36 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham "The team had spells of really beautiful, selfless basketball where every player equally contributed running through our sets to perfection. Unfortunately a well organised defensive zone from the Lions proved too much in the end despite the back and forth scoreline. The first and third quarters produced some offence that was genuinely a pleasure to watch and was a testament to their hard work in practice. Im looking forward to our next matchup with the Lions. "

Performer of the game: Ethan Lough

Sunday 23rd October

Myerscough Academy vs City Of Leeds Basketball Academy

Result: 113-61 (L)

Coach Matt Newby: "The trip to the Northwest against a perennial power house and some of the UK’s most talented players always presents a challenge. The boys showed some real resilience and times looked solid on the floor. But with points from turnovers and second chance points accumulating the Myerscough team pulled away in the second half and never looked back.

Performer of the game: Seth Maloba

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"The girls continued to show good form with a win for the U14s gold over Manchester mystics 3 and the U14’s black showing further development in their loss against York.

The highlight of the weekend was the U12s Gold and Black teams matching up with Yorkshire rivals York Eagles. Playing back to back fixtures against Yorks Blue and White tiers.

The COLBC Gold team picked up two wins and the COLBC Black team picked up one win.

Highlighting the hard work of Coaches Piggott, Shuttlewood and Weir.

But most importantly the Yorkshire regional U12s league is fostering young talent and providing competitive outlets for young people passionate about the game.

That wraps up the fourth edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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