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Weekend Roundup - Week 3 - The girls keep on rolling

The 2022/23 Junior National League season continued as 10 of our teams were in action across the country this weekend.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th October.

Saturday 15th October

Barnsley Metros vs COLBC U14 Boys White

Result: 118-18 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir: "After a strong start from Metros, the U14s White showed their resilience. Improving greatly in their transition play throughout the game and finishing the game strong. I'm very proud of their efforts and today give's us plenty to focus on this week."

Performer of the game: Daniel Pearce

COLBC U14 Boys Black vs Bradford Dragons

Result: 53-43 (W)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A fantastic game which really showed our practices are coming to fruition with great individual performances from everyone and a team performance to replicate for future games. The boys worked extremely hard from the moment they stepped on the floor and carried the same composure and attitude till the end. "

Performer of the game: Darchel Green

COLBC U16 Boys Black vs Bradford Dragons

Result: 66-37 (L)

Coach Marcus Browne: "The team started confidently with some super passing leading to open lay ups but then the full court pressure from Bradford proved too much to handle. The boys worked really hard, but the turnovers hurt our chances of victory and this gives us a great learning experience for future games.

Performer of the game: Jamie Mayes

COLBC U16 Boys Gold vs COB Rockets

Result: 66-56 (L)

Coach Sam Messam: "The U16 Boys Gold faced a stiff opposition today, the City of Birmingham Rockets came into todays game 2-0, averaging 102 points per game. We got off to a good start, matching COB basket for basket with great team play and a real sense of effort. The half-time score did not reflect just how competitive the game was (24-38). COB came out in the 3rd quarter determined to reinstate their dominance. However, we once more matched their level of play and set about cutting into the 14 point lead. The half was fast paced, competitive, and close. We took the half 32-28, and although we ultimately lost by 10, holding COB to 56 points was a great achievement.

Performer of the game: Josh Norton

COLBC U16 Girls vs Liverpool

Result: 66-33 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond: "Another incredibly impressive performance. The girls are really beginning to jell as a team. The teams offensive link ups, sharing of the ball and off the ball movement has really stepped up. The girls demonstrating extremely high levels of composure, assisted heavily by N0.6 Marley Littler and N0.11 Hattie Miles, who demonstrated brilliant leadership skills. Everyone who stepped on the court today gave their full effort and attention. Another great weekend for the girls."

Performer of the game: Victory Uzomah

COLBC U18 Boys Black vs Bradford Dragons

Result: 21-132 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir: "The U18s Black grew into what was a tough game. We saw excellent growth in their understanding and management of a full court press. Which after a tough first quarter the boys managed it well leading to some much improved basketball. Many positives and many lessons learned."

Performer of the game: Presley Engbison

COLBC U18 Boys Gold vs Tees Valley Mohawks

Result: 68-46 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham: "A tough result against a well versed side in the Mohawks. We saw some excellent flashes of offence where I saw the team really settle into our own territory and play with a lot of confidence within our scheme. The guys are building some good chemistry and I look forward to what’s to come."

Performer of the game: Adam Otto

Sunday 16th October

York Eagles vs COLBC U14 Boys Gold

Result: 21-101 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir: "In a week with many key players missing, the boys started strong in the opening minutes despite some early foul trouble. Throughout the game York built their lead through strong rebounding and half court offence. The boys battled hard and many lessons will be learned from this game."

Performer of the game: Harry Firth

Manchester Mystics vs COLBC U14 Girls Black

Result: 2-159 (L)

Coach Ben Allen: "To say tough day at the office would be a massive understatement but all the players kept on going until the very end! All the players made a promise to learn from it and get better practice by practice day by day."

Performer of the game: Maggie Newby

Charnwood Riders vs City Of Leeds Basketball Academy

Result: 88-43 (L)

Coach Matt Newby: "Charnwood are obviously perennial contenders in both U18's competition and the EABL and today's game served as a great test for our developing team. We feel like we've taken some real learning from the result and we look forward to raising our game in future weeks.

Performer of the game: Archie Wilson

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"This weekend saw a number of our teams face more experienced and developed outfits, with some tough results. However, the experience over the season will surely improve our players, may of whom are only just stepping in to National League Competition. I am very proud of the fact that we are giving so many young people the opportunity to play basketball in a competitive environment, and such experiences will benefit our young people down the line.

That wraps up the third edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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