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Weekend Roundup - Week 21 - Youngest ballers see a full afternoon of action.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Week 21 of the 2022/23 Junior National League season saw 5 of our junior teams in action across the region.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 4th March.

Saturday 4th March

COLBC U11 Mini Tournament vs York Eagles

Coach Dave Piggott: "Saturday afternoon was buzzing with excitement and skill as the U11 boys played a series of hard fought games. The boys showed real development both in skill and tactical understanding: sharing the ball, moving without the ball and defensive positioning were all excellent. The referees commented that it was the highest skill level they had seen at this age group, which was quite the compliment."

COLBC U12 Boys Black vs LDM

Result: 36-97 (L)

Coach Dave Piggott: "The black squad showed real improvement over the last game, scoring more freely and generating better offence through spacing, cutting and passing. The game was decided by the greater speed and athleticism of LDM who dominated the offensive boards. Nevertheless, heads stayed high and the boys kept running to the end, which was a credit to their attitude."

Performer of the game: Liam Brostoff-Jordan

Manchester Mystics vs COLBC U14 Girls Black

Result: 97-24 (L)

Coach Sian Wood: "We had spells of really good offence when we moved the ball early and cut hard to the basket. We also saw some great shots put up despite the pressure from the Mystics.

As much as the energy was there on the court, unfortunately our fundamentals were not present with a lack of rebounding being our biggest hit. This was not a brilliant representation of the hard work displayed during our training sessions. Nonetheless, every game is a learning curve and a good way to pinpoint any flaws ready for our final upcoming games of the season."

Performer of the game: Jessica Woodward

Trafford Magic vs COLBC U16 Boys Gold

Result: 104-58 (L)

Coach Sam Messam: "Tough outing over the Pennines as the u16 Boys faced the Trafford Magic in a top versus bottom of table clash. After a disastrous opening quarter, the CoLB managed to find some confidence and push back against an oppressive pressing defence. Notables from the game include the offensive rebounding and scoring of Angus Hickey and defensive effort of Callum Conroy. In fact, all eleven players took the opportunity to grow, in both confidence and play against a very talented Trafford side."

Performer of the game: Angus Hickey

COLBA vs Manchester Magic

Result: 66-46 (L)

Coach Matt Newby: "The game with the Manchester Magic would definitely show how we have improved in certain areas across the season against Genuinely one of the pedigree programme in the nation this year, with standouts from across the national teams.

Although the 20 point split reflected the difference in experience and the quality of decision making, we can’t fail to observe the positives in our performance. Our younger cohort were exemplary in their performances with new found confidence and maturity. Notably Max Stead levelled up yet again when matched up with the Magic's experienced guards and relished the challenge ahead of him.

Josh Norton was impressive again, responding well to the physicality of the higher age group, Isaac Durrant would give critical minutes with a strong output and Ethan Utley receiving more valuable experience running the point.

Scoring was paced by Akil Simpson who found his way to the basket with consistency and showed an improved output in pick and roll situations."

Performer of the game: Akil Simpson

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"In a lighter week for the programme in terms of scheduling, we can highlight the U11 Boys' second outing against the local York eagles, where the youngest of our cohort got the opportunity to complete in a tournament format, giving them much needed experience of the game environment.

In a well contested affair, our teams would see the benefit of all the hard work and training they have done over the year. We look forward to repeating our fixtures against the York outfit and expand our U11 offering as all teams begin to recruit for next year.

That wraps up the twenty first edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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