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Weekend Roundup - Week 2 - Girls continue to lead from the front

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The 2022/23 Junior National League season continued as 12 of our teams were in action across the country this weekend.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October.

Saturday 8th October

COLBC U12 Boys Gold vs Leeds LDM

Result: 45-39 (W)

Coach Dave Piggott:

"The boys were full of nervous energy in their first game of the new league, on the show court at the Arena. They soon found their groove with a big second quarter, putting the game out of reach. Everyone learned a lot and the team spirit was excellent. A great start to the season."

Performer of the game: Harvey Walker

COLBC U14 Boys White vs Rotherham Hawks

Result: 31-94 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham:

"A tough game for the start of the season but despite the height and physicality of the Hawks side, the boys didn’t give up. There were some flashes of really strong play translating from their practice to the game and we will definitely see them to continue to expand on this and keep improving as the season goes on."

Performer of the game: David Jaboro

Teeside Lions vs COLBC U14 Boys Black

Result: 83-48 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood

:A really good game which had a lots of highs and lows throughout with solid periods which helped us contain the score, however small changes in momentum and a deficit on rebounding kept us from getting the win."

Performer of the game: Kai Yuasa

COLBC U14 Boys Gold vs Manchester Magic

Result: 36-80 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir:

"The boys improved greatly on their transition play. This was an area of improvement that we highlighted following last weeks game, so seeing improvements in both offensive and defensive transition was encouraging. We will look to build on what was a strong outing against a good Manchester side."

Performer of the game: Alfie Donoghue

Calderdale Explorers vs COLBC U16 Boys White

Result: 63-19 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood:

"A slow start in the first quarter was hard for the new team but really picked it up in the start of the second quarter to give us a guide back into the game. The boys had flashes of some good team basketball and finishing around the basket but struggled to keep possession and stop the opponents in transition. Lots of positive to take away but leaves us with lots to work on!"

Performer of the game: Briel Lipo

Teeside Lions vs COLBC U16 Boys Black

Result: 55-41 (L)

Coach Marcus Browne:

"Strong start to the game going toe to toe finishing the first quarter level with the opposition. Very scrappy and physical second half slowed down our offensive flow. We actually held Teeside to only 2 baskets to finish the game, Solid effort from the chargers. "

Performer of the game: Dom Vila

COLBC U16 Boys Gold vs Leicester Riders

Result: 46-62 (L)

Coach Andy Cragg:

"Lots of positives but we struggled to keep our momentum at times. We look forward to making progress in practice this week "

Performer of the game: Ethan Utley

COLBC U18 Men Gold vs Leeds LDM

Result: 36-82 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham:

"A solid opening saw us lead the first quarter, holding the opposition to only 4 baskets. LDM’s physicality set in stunting our attacking efforts and challenging us on the rebounding. Overall a good opportunity to highlight our strengths and weakness and steer future development focus."

Performer of the game: Sam Barraclough

COLBC U18 Women vs Durham Palatinates

Result: 51-30 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond:

"A little bit of a scattered start, followed by 2 really close quarters. In the beginning we tried to keep up with a fast pace, causing us to rush and turn the ball over, allowing the opposition to take advantage in offensive transition. The girls however, took it in their stride, finding their feet towards the end of the second, into a really positive 3 quarter. The women became much more composed in their offensive play, defensive rotation picked up massively, lead by a brilliant defensive performance by No.5 Ella Ryan. The girls really stepped up for the second half, and finished the game with a really great team performance. Good start to the U18 women 2022/23 season."

Performer of the game: Ella Ryan

Sunday 9th October

Hartlepool Huskies vs COLBC U14 Girls Black

Result: 49-43 (L)

Coach Sian Wood:

"In what was a challenging first half of Junior League basketball for the girls, they cut down on what was the sizeable deficit to a two possession game with a minute remaining. The girls hard work and resilience was on show in the second half. It was a very promising start to what will be a very exciting season. "

Performer of the game: Jessica Woodward

Lancashire Spinners vs COLBC U14 Girls Gold

Result: 42-59 (W)

Coach Ben Allen:

"Mixed start to the first quarter with some missed defensive assignments but a dominant performance from then on in. Defensive transition and help went from strength to strength but work is needed on rebounding and team communication. Overall it was an enjoyable trip over the Pennines! On to the next one!"

Performer of the game: Zoe Nathaniel

Lancashire Spinners vs COLBC U16 Girls

Result: 41-59 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond:

"Incredible start to game! The girls started strong! Hustling for every loose ball, every rebound, pressing offensively, winning steals. Incredible desire to win the ball. Our defensive communication and half Court rotation was outstanding. 3rd quarter we began to rush the play, giving spinners the ability to take control and convert more baskets of their own. However we regained our composure in the 4th, finding the basket comfortably once again. Another great game for the girls!"

Performer of the game: Marley Littler

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"The 2nd weekend of the season proved to be a huge step for the programme for a number of reasons. Saturday’s game slate at the arena has never been busier with no less than 5 JNL and 1 Yorkshire regional league game. The atmosphere was fantastic with members of the basketball community simple enjoying the opportunity to compete. We had three teams on the road all gaining valuable experience. Throughout we had 200+ players matching up in a healthy environment. With spectators from home and away acknowledging the best efforts of each young person in the gym.

Sunday’s all girls schedule would not disappoint at the COLBC girls went 3-1 for the weekend with a closely fought encounter at Hartlepool the only loss, but an incredible development opportunity for numerous girls stepping in to the game for the first time and former COLBC player Sian Wood earning her stripes in her coaching debut.

The girls program has had a fantastic start with coaches Allen, Lamond, Pryce and Wood doing their upmost to foster the women’s game.

This was on the back of 300 young people accessing community basketball opportunities over Saturday and Sunday and all three male tiers fielding three teams in a move to develop the whole club pathway.

I am excited about the future of the programme and thankful for the input and efforts of all our staff"

That wraps up the second edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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