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Weekend Roundup - Week 19 - U16 Black take 2 wins in 4 hours!!!

Week 19 of the 2022/23 Junior National League season saw 9 of our junior teams in action across the region.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th February.

Saturday 18th February

COLBC U14 Boys Gold vs COB Rockets

Result: 61-58 (L)

Coach Ryan Weir: "A very winnable game that could have went either way. We had spells of excellent defence, however when combined with sloppy passing and poor transition play, we were unable to capitalise on our stops. It is an area we will look to improve as we end the year aiming to finish in the middle of the table."

Performer of the game: Luca Milner

COLBC U16 Boys Black vs Rotherham hawks

Result: 66-45 (W)

Coach Marcus Browne: "After a week away from training the team showed they was hungry for competition today, after a delayed start everyone stayed ready and focused. Super defensive effort from start to finish, great team performance with everyone contributing for a well deserved victory."

Performer of the game: Marcus Ho

COLBC U16 Boys Black vs York Eagles

Result: 85-44 (W)

Coach Marcus Browne: "Riding on the confidence from the previous game the team showed no signs of slowing down averaging 20 points across all quarters (season high). Most impressively holding the visiting team to just 4 points in the third quarter. Dom lead the team in scoring (19), with Casey, Chiba, Tyrique and Marcus all also scoring in double figures.

Performer of the game: Whole team - What a game!

Manchester Magic vs COLBC U16 Boys Gold

Result: 95-34 (L)

Coach Sam Messam: "Tough day at the office! The CoL U16 Gold travelled west to face top of the table Manchester Magic. The home started as they meant to go on and showed why they are too this season. That said, the CoL showed resilience, grit, and a determination to get better with each pass, shot, and bounce of the ball. At the final whistle the CoL walked out of the Manchester Basketball Centre a better team. We had multiple wins in those 40 minutes, they won’t show up on the score sheet, or even within the stats, but we know what we achieved and where our focus rest for the remainder of the season.”

COLBA vs City Of Edinburgh Kings

Result: 81-72 (W)

Coach Matt Newby: "The match up against Edinburgh and GB national team coach Craig Nicol is always a highly competitive and exciting affair. This one did not disappoint with a close game throughout and a strong 4th quarter finish that would see contributions from both the old guard and those playing up from the U16’s Gold.

Archie Wilson led the scoring with a strong and aggressive display at the rim. Complimented by a mature and steady performance from Alex McCulloch and dynamic defence and rebounding from Simpson, Maffezzoli and Mensen.

There was critical plays from Norton, Njengoue and Utley each contributing significantly to the game. This was a hard fought win against a tough opponent.

Performer of the game: Archie Wilson

Sunday 19th February

Newcastle Eagles vs COLBC U14 Girls Black

Result: 91-17 (L)

Coach Ben Allen: "A tough one after the half term break with a lot of players unavailable and no practice in the week! The team battled to the end and players who play limited minutes really stepped up! Proud of our progress grit and determination!"

Performer of the game: Eliana Papadakis

Manchester Mystics vs COLBC U14 Girls Gold

Result: 86-19 (L)

Coach Sian Wood: "The girls worked really hard against the tough Manchester Mystics today, using set plays and quick movements on the ball to gain points. We saw some great rebounding from No.24 Pearline and No.23 Zoe who stepped up their games massively today. Unfortunately, the tough press knocked our composure at times resulting in a few turnovers and a quick sprint back into defence. Nonetheless, the girls stayed resilient gave it their all for the full 40minutes."

Performer of the game: Pearline Boateng

Lancashire Spinners vs COLBC U16 Girls

Result: 41-65 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond: "Another highly successful gameday for the girls! Each week continuing to progress and demonstrate incredible performances.

Some nerves to begin with today, having to field a team of 7 just off the back of having their half term break, however the lack of team training did not hinder their team performance In the slightest.

Their team offences are really coming into fruition! Running tactics without problems, and finding better options from them! Actively reading how defenders react, and making high level, in the moment decisions. Excellent link up play from N0.6 Marley Littler and N0.11 Hattie Miles, connecting exceptionally on the offensive end. Converting back to back points from clever movements and impeccable passes. Incredible partnership.

Another incredible defensive performance too. Outstanding half court rotation is becoming a set standard in this group , willing to put their bodies on the line to prevent face cuts,

as well as their recovery in transition. A real TEAM desire to recover the ball forced many turnovers , steals, and provided exceptional fast break options. Every player stepping up massively today. Everyone putting in the work to provide multiple offensive options. Shout out to N0.14 Aimee Robinson! Rebounding, taking shots, and driving hard to basket without hesitation! Going up nice and strong, regardless of the contact or defence In front of her.

The aspect that sets this team apart from the others in the league is the fact they work hard as a TEAM. Every player plays for each other and it shows. When momentum shifts, instead of putting their heads down, they band together. Once again, taking that team energy and attitude all the way for the win.

Performers of the game: Micah Afficial

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"The weekend once more would see teams in action all over the country. The action and atmosphere at LBU was great. With coach Browne’s charges doubling down against Rotherham and York with 2 genuine team performances.

The U14’s Gold would be in a very close game against the COB Rockets but the Midlands outfit would take the spoils. Luca Milner was particularly impressive down the stretch with strong outputs from Jerimiah Siyolwe. This team genuinely keeps improving!"

That wraps up the nineteenth edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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