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2023/24 National League Weekly Roundup - Week 16

The weekly roundup is back for January week 4. Check out the the scores and coaches' thoughts from week 16 of the National league season.

Week 16 saw 10 games underway across the North in the Senior & Junior National League.

Let's see how it all went down as we roundup week 16 of the 2023/24 National League season.

Saturday 27th January 2024

COLBA vs WY Hawks

NBL Division 3 Men North

Result: 66-92 (L)

Player of the game: Dan Bevan

Coach Matt Newby: "Following successive wins in D3, we felt confident going into the game, but were very much aware of the quality of the West Yorkshire unit, which has been bolstered by a number of quality additions for the Division 3 level. We showed promise in the opening minutes but unfortunately the opposition took control of the game early and pushed out to a 16 point lead, which we chipped in to on a number of occasions, but they tempered our runs and ultimately managed the game very well."

COLBA II vs Tees Valley Mohawks

U18 Men North I Conference

Result: 68-60

Players of the game: Casey Lennon

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A game which we had marked on our calendars as the Mohawks made their return over to us after a marginal defeat away back in November.

The boys started quickly with some quick and sharp passes to unselfish basketball plays which resulted in some impressive scoring, at which the Mohawks replied back with a big inside presence which we would find to be tough over the course of the entire game. Team Gold didn’t hinder at the battle and kept cool, calm and composed to keep it tight throughout the first half while making a big gap going into halftime. The Mohawks came battling back as Team Gold started slow, giving up too many easy transition scores, easy fouls and a small handful of turnovers to even the score going into the fourth.

After some motivation words from Casey Lennon, everyone went into the fourth quarter with a new energy. David Ionita gave us an extremely strong anchoring around the paint which saw him blocking, stealing and rebounding to create opportunities for everyone else, Callum Conroy lead the offence into their sets and kept a composed demeanour to ice out the game with a tough 3-pointer and two important free-throws while Nako Mokete stole and stomped out the Mohawks chances of making a comeback. An important win for the team which should hopefully set the tone for the remainder of the season as we look to battle in the U16s Premier next weekend.

COLBC U16 Girls Boys vs Manchester Magic

U16 Girls North Premier

Result: 32-93 (L)

Player of the game: Casey Lennon

Coach Sam Messam: "The U16 Gold squad played host to an in form Manchester Magic team stacked with England and GB talent. From the opening jump the game was played at pace, leaving the home side to hang on and do their best. There were moments when the CoL held their own, moving the ball well, getting to the basket, and stopping the Mancunian onslaught in its tracks. Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t sustain their resistance against the recently crowned u16 player of the year and the rest of the Magic squad as they put up 93 points to the CoLs 32!

Mersey Mavericks vs COLBC U16 Girls Black

U16 Girls North Conference

Result: 43-65 (W)

Player of the game: Elisabeth Asonmwonri

Coach Katie Lamond: "Fabulous performance by the U16s Black. Every single player gave 100% on floor. They understood how everyone had to give full commitment to the game, running the floor both offensively and defensively. Discussion about how we would have to be more disciplined on the defence end too. We weren't in a position to pick up a high foul count.

The girls managed this brilliantly! Still kept there desire and hustle to defend stong in transition, running back and disrupting the offensive drive, along with putting their bodies in the way of Mersey in half court set ups too, without the temptation to reach for the ball. Offensively, the girls running a head , providing lots of positive opportunities to fast break and score in transition. Clever movements around the key and baseline, followed by excellent vision and passing also lead to some really nice team baskets. Such a brilliant team performance! Everyone stepping up to impact the game, all players being able to add to the scoreline. The work ethic from the group meant that they kept control of the game for most of the duration. Superb performance from U16s Black. Beyond proud of the girls!"

COLBC U14 Boys Gold vs Newcastle Eagles

U14 Boys North Premier

Result: 51-67 (L)

Player of the game: Isaac Grant

Coach James Quinn: "Following a week of hard work from this great group of young men, I was very excited to match up with the visiting Newcastle Eagles this weekend. We spoke throughout the week about playing for one another and focusing on our strengths of running the floor disrupting the opposition defensively. The boys started strong and did not let up as we held off some strong attack of the Eagles and kept their two bigs off the glass in the first half, going into the break with a single digit split. After the break we came out and punched first forcing the Eagles in to back to back time outs as we cut the lead again. Fighting until the end while Newcastle rotated cleverly, we maintained our goal of being right there with 2 minutes to go. In the end, some well-managed late game possessions saw Newcastle close out the victory, but the team should feel incredibly proud of their performance. Special mention to Fraser Campbell, Tyrese Richards and James Bell who responded with no fear in the task of keeping two genuine bigs at bay in this game, while our guards, Omkar Phalnikar, Zac Keevash and Sonny Jordan gave great showings in the win. A special mention goes to Finlay May who I thought was exceptional in both his leadership and sacrifice for the team. I look forward to another week of gains for this group."

COLBC U14 Boys Black vs York Eagles II

U14 Boys North I Conference

Result: 67-32 (W)

Player of the game: Charlie Woodward

Coach Alex Scott: "We started the game off with some terrific defence as the York team struggled to get past our men and when they did they were met with terrific help-side however we struggled to put our own shots in despite creating good open looks on a collapsing defence. This strong defensive performance was then improved on by the second u it as they prevented York from even getting shot to hit the rim for 3 straight minutes and then were clinical and offence thanks to some good shooting from Charlie Woodward. This gave us lots of confidence going into the second where we kept our standards high only allowing 5 points in the quarter, making it 10 points conceding in the whole half. This quarter was also by far the best offensively as we doubled our output with 7 different players getting in the scoresheet in the quarter which shows the excellent ball movement that the team the showed. In the 3rd we let our standards slip on the defensive side however we continued our storing offensive performance to maintain the split. This then lead to the 4th where the boys took care of business to close the game as we only conceded 2 points in the final quarter. This game was filled with so many positives but the 2 that make me most proud is that we had 5 players with or more points and 11 players get on the. This really really was a team game that showed the potential of this unit when everything is clicking."

Rotherham Hawks vs COLBC U14 Boys White

U14 Boys North I Conference

Result: 75-39 (L)

Player of the game: Pavan Doullay

Coach Olly Kerwin-Clegg: "An early morning trip down to South Yorkshire may have contributed to the sluggish start by The U14 White today with an unfortunate slow start on the offensive end. However as the game went on the Leeds boys grew into the fixture with strong drives earning free throws. Scrappy guard Liam Brostoff-Jordan was an example of this.

In the second half more of an emphasis was placed on our team defence concepts the boys have been focusing on in practice. There were great positives on this side of the ball as both Jack Sowerby and Sam Gresser were impressive in their weak side awareness and when to rotate.

The final quarter saw a great effort despite the deficit. Many good opportunities were created in transition offence by pushing the ball effectively. Overall while the squad had frustrating moments both forced and unforced throughout the game the character and resolve of the side was apparent as many players did a good job calming the game down and playing the right brand of basketball."

Sunday 28th January 2024

JLC Scunthorpe Wolves vs COLBA I

U18 Men North I Conference

Result: 47-90 (W)

Player of the game: Harry Njengoue

Coach James Quinn: "We travelled east to visit the Wolves as we hoped to take back the spot at the top of the Conference and stay unbeaten on the season. The boys weathered the storm in the first half as Scunthorpe shot the ball well to stay within reach and we took a 16 point lead in to the half, with Harry Njengoue and Josh Norton impressing on the board. Following a slow start to the second half, the Academy boys came out of a time out with real intensity led by Philo Mensen and Sean Engbison defensively, securing four back-to-back stops. The pressure continued for the remainder of the game as our transition game improved with Josh Norton and Akil Simpson leading from the front. Some excellent ball movement in the final period sent us home with a very pleasing team performance."

COLBC U12 Boys Gold vs COLBC U12 Boys Black

U12 Boys Regional League

Result: 53-34 (W)

Player of the game: Gold - Xavier Laucius, Black - Matthew Swift

Coach Dave Sailsbury: "A competitive regional league fixture for our U12 boys against each other this week. Gold got out to a quick start, turning defence to offence as they jumped out the gates with an 11-1 run. 6 first quarter points for Orlando Victor helped the Black group to bring the game closer but Oliver Purdon-Owen met that challenge and had 6 of his own to maintain a solid lead for Gold at the end of the period. The second quarter was a tight battle, with both teams competing hard for rebounds and loose balls. Gold maintained their lead going into the half time break. The Gold group meant business in the 3rd and opened with stifling defence and more transition points spread across the lineup fueling another big run. Led by some determined play by Matthew Swift, the Black group continued to play hard and won the final quarter 12-4 but the lead Gold had built proved insurmountable."

Rounding off the fourth weekend of 2024, COLBC Director Matt Newby was feeling positive about the gains that our teams are making:

"With a busy day at the arena showcasing the diversity of our programme, it was great to see Coach Scott's young chargers asserting themselves against local rivals York Eagles, while the U16 Boys Gold, on their second shift of the day, took a hard-fought affair against the Tees Valley Mohawks. An impressive win for the U14 Girls against Liverpool continued their impressive development and the U16 Girls Black squad picked up an important win against the Mersey Mavericks. With only 8 weeks left in the Junior National League season, it's great to see our teams finding their stride."

The roundup will return next week after another 13 game slate on week 17 of the National League season.

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