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Weekend Roundup - Week 16 -

Week 16 of the 2022/23 Junior National League season saw 16 of our junior teams in action across the region.

The weekly roundup will highlight the results and key performers from each weekend across the programme along with quotes from coaches about each performance. We continue the series with Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th January.

Saturday 28th January

Derbyshire Arrows vs COLBC U12 Boys Black

Result: 37-29 (L)

Coach Dave Piggott: "A much improved performance from the Black squad this week, staying competitive for the whole game, only falling short of the comeback win late in the fourth quarter. David Oke and Alex Sarnacki kept the team in the points with some fast transition play and strong finishing under pressure. However, the steady and controlled defence of Kaiyon Rose really helped keep the opposition score under control. Again, big improvements in spacing and sharing the ball, with better on-ball and help defence."

Performer of the game: Kaiyon Rose

Derbyshire Arrows vs COLBC U12 Boys Gold

Result: 27-39 (W)

Coach Dave Piggott: "The Gold team kept on rolling in the U12 regional league with a comfortable win in south Sheffield. The first half was a tight affair with some tit-for-tat scoring but COLBC led by three at the break. The defence improved as the game went on, as the boys locked in on their assignments and played better help. A balanced attack helped the boys score more freely, with three players in double figures for the game. Lemmel Lovick and Archie Locke helped to control the offence and Fraser Cummings, Teeyon Mintus and Charlie Woodward kept the hustle level high. Yacob Musa played some great help in the second half coming up with some key blocks and rebounds."

Performer of the game: Lemmel Lovick

COLBC U14 Boys White vs Barnsley Metros

Result: 30-82 (L)

Coach Sian Wood: "The U14 boys were ready and rearing to go against the Barnsley Mets today. They handled the strong press from their opposition by passing the ball early down the court and moving frequently on offence which gained us points on the scoreboard in the first and second quarter. We saw some great rebounding from The boys, despite Barnsley’s height advantage and holding the ball to see our options on the counters helped us keep the points gap at a minimum in the third quarter. In the final quarter the boys slowed the game down massively and waited for the right cut to the basket to add more points on the board. Overall, this game was a massive positive for the boys and a huge improvement since playing Barnsley back in October where the point gap was double what it was today."

Performer of the game: Mario Fuya

Bradford Dragons vs COLBC U14 Boys Black

Result: 42-47 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "An exciting fixture which we knew would be tough as the last time we faced it was a close victory. The boys performed well and took an advantage early on in the first quarter but slowly got caught up against a tall Bradford side. After a constant trading of scores for the first 7 minutes of play in the fourth quarter, the boys dug deep defensively and made some major stops to create a transition opportunity and score putting them up by 3. Bradford had no choice but to foul and with a calm and collected walk to the free-throw line, the last two points of the game had finished off a fantastic performance. An amazing showcase of what has been worked on individually and as a team. They should all be proud of their efforts."

Performer of the game: Alfie Young

COLBC U14 Boys Gold vs York Eagles

Result: 81-77 (W)

Coach Ryan Weir: "The U14s faced York Eagles in their second meeting of the year. Given what was a tough result previously, the boys were determined to flip the script. This determination and fight was on show throughout the game, with the boys playing some of their best basketball of the year. A real commitment to the defensive side of the ball was the difference in the game as we were able to turn some key stops into points in transition. This was lead by Luca Milner and Ivan Ausekar’s hard work on defence. Both contributing with key scores in overtime and double overtime.

Performers of the game: Luca Milner & Ivan Ausekar

Ashville Marshalls vs COLBC U16 Boys White

Result: 76-35 (L)

Coach Jake Shuttlewood: "A fixture which we knew would be physically difficult but the boys took it in their stride as we faced a mature Ashville side. The boys fought well through the first half to keep the game close and still in reach with good transition created by great individual efforts to make stops. However, the boys struggled to keep up with Ashville’s quick and sharp decision making in the half court meant we fell short in the second half. A mentally and physically tough game which tested the boys but overall an experience which will help them grow and develop.

Performer of the game: Charlie Parker

COLBC U16 Girls vs Barrow Thorns

Result: 63-55 (W)

Coach Katie Lamond: "After an extremely close game with Barrow previously, this game was always going to be a high-pressure situation. The girls handled it brilliantly.A couple of times where the pace of the game impacted our composure. A few moments where we switched off defensively and rushed offensively. However, for the majority of the game, the City of leeds girls were in control. Once finding our own rhythm, our defensive rotation was exceptional. The players making a deliberate effort to deny face cuts, and put their bodies on the line for help rotation. Offensively, driving to the basket strong, and with purpose. Aswell as some really clever screen and roll actions. Notable performances by No.4 Micah Aficial and N0.10 Lily Woolaston, whose reliability impacted incredibly on the teams performance. We switched off a little to end the 4th quarter, allowing Barrow back into the game score wise. Ultimately, it was another strong performance by the U16 girls.

Performer of the game: Marley Littler

Tees Valley Mohawks vs COLBC U18 Boys Gold

Result: 47-75 (L)

Coach Murray Bingham: "The boys displayed a strong adaptive offence to open the game in the first half competing neck and neck with a league powerhouse. The first half displayed how far the team has come and what they are capable but a difficult second half saw us being massively out rebounded and beaten in transition leading to a runaway for the Mohawks. Lots to address in practice but also lots of positives to hold onto."

Performer of the game: Sam Barraclough

COLBA vs Myerscough

Result: 43-85 (L)

Coach Matt Newby: "The perennial powerhouse from the North West would send a deep unit over Pennines and one that would show experience and maturity over the course of the game.

The COLBA team showed significant improvement from the last outing against Myerscough and were single digits behind at the half with all players contributing. The second half contrasted significantly as the opposition asserted themselves and pulled away."

Performer of the game: Akil Simpson

Sunday 29th January

York Eagles vs COLBC U11 Boys

Coach Dave Piggott: "Two U11 squads travelled to York on Sunday for two games against the young Eagles. It was the first game of the year for both teams (and for some players their first game ever!) so lots of excitement and nerves. The first game ended in a narrow loss for the Owls, who nevertheless played some excellent basketball, sharing the ball well and staying connected on defence for most of the game. Troy Martin helped the team control the ball on offence with Nima Celebicic and Tyler Raven applying some great pressure defensively.

Performers of the game: absolute thriller with the Raptors falling behind early due to some outstanding play from York's standout man. The boys kept their heads in the game a made a big run at the start of the second half and again in the fourth quarter. Despite a huge 3-pointer to tie the game in the final minute, Barnaby Routledge, Muhammed Balogun and, finally, Matty Swift made some huge buckets down the stretch to seal the win. It was a real pressure cooker atmosphere full of excitement, so it was fantastic to see the lads stay calm and make some clutch plays under pressure."

Performers of the games: Troy Martin & Matthew Swift

Liverpool vs COLBC U16 Girls

Result: W

Coach Sian Wood: "Wow..what a game from the U16 girls today!

Every single one of those girls hustled for the full 40 minutes of play. Our aim was to keep it slower on offence and create scoring opportunities through strong cuts. There was no panic in motion and and No6 Marley Littler held the ball until the opportunity of a basket arose. This was a massive help when securing points.

The defence was brilliant throughout and No14 Aimee Robinson stepped her game with multiple rebounds enabling the girls to regain both possession and control of the game.

Defensively, Their communication and quick thinking won us the ball multiple times and ultimately the win.

The final quarter was full of pressure and needed lots of composure to maintain the lead…the girls did exactly that and finished with a very well deserved 2 point ball game.

They should be over the moon with the result, I’m very proud of them and they all should be too.

Performer of the game: Marley Littler

Trafford Magic vs COLBA

Result: 69-66 (L)

Coach Matt Newby: "The trip to the Manchester Basketball Centre is never easy especially playing back to back which will be theme of the second half of the year as games stack up.

Much the same as earlier in the month the game was entertaining hard fought and well managed by the respective coaching staff. Five points would seperate the two teams at the half and three points at the close of play. With Akil Simpson the beneficiary of the last sideline out of bound in an attempt to tie the game. We fell short but a number of positives."

Performer of the game: Max Stead

COLBC Director Matt Newby shared his thoughts on the weekend:

"The weekend would see 16 fixtures played across the programme. Which is testimony to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and administration.

Among the performances of the weekend:

There was more growth in our developing units with the U14’s white team under Sian wood’s guidance improving their team play and decision making against league powerhouse Barnsley.

An impressive pair of wins for our U16’s girls against Barrow on Saturday and Liverpool Sunday. The girls had to manage a shorter rotation on the second day and coach Lamond’s absence due to performance pathway duties. Affording coach Wood the opportunity to step up to steer the girls to win.

The U14’s Boys Black team travelled to local rivals Bradford Dragons and returned with an impressive win. With significant developments with their understanding of game management.

The performance of the week goes to coach weirs U14’s Gold unit who secured a double overtime win against York Eagles. In an intense and exciting fixture we would see some fantastic performances from the young and improving group.

More positives came in the form of our U11’s getting their first competitive fixtures at York on Sunday and the fact that no less than four of our coaches are active on the Basketball England performance pathway (Aspire).

The feedback on Coaches Weir, Lamond, Shuttlewood and Bingham has been very positive."

That wraps up the sixteenth edition of the Weekend Roundup - Join us next weekend for more action across the Junior National League programme.

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