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COLBF doubles down on investment in the Women's game with new appointment!

The City of Leeds Basketball Foundation is excited to announce, that after a period of recruitment, home-grown Coach Katie Lamond has been appointed to the hugely significant role of Women's & Girls Basketball Development Officer.

Coach Lamond has been with the programme both as a player and as a coach, and has truly taken advantage of the platform that City Of Leeds provides. Following graduating in Sports Coaching from our partners Leeds Beckett University, she has maintained her interest in the sport and investment in herself as a coach. Katie is equally adept at delivering in the community, developing players, on the sidelines of the Junior National League, or within her role on the governing body's performance pathway. She has a passion for the sport and is completely invested in the development and ascension of the women's game.

From a club perspective, she will retain her roles within the JNL, but importantly she will be driving current and new projects, targeted directly at the evolution of the women's game in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Fundamentally, this starts with early engagement, clear pathways and opportunities to step into the sport at different levels. With the recent success of our Together Fund supported bid, we feel the time is now to invest in this talented member of staff and the young women who are both in, and soon to join our programme.

COLBF Director Matt Newby was confident in this latest appointment:

"It is great to see things come full circle! Katie is a loyal and trusted member of our coaching fraternity and her experience in multiple quarters, means that her appointment can have a high impact on multiple levels of our club pathway and beyond. She is an excellent role-model, having played for the club, invested in herself and given back to the community. With women's and girls basketball at the forefront of our endeavours, having a dedicated member of staff for projects and provision, is a strong step in the right direction."

Coach Katie Lamond joined in the excitement of her new role with her home town programme:

"I'm beyond thrilled to begin my new role with the City Of Leeds Basketball Club & Foundation, focusing on the expansion of women's and girl's basketball within the community and performance tiers. I am extremely grateful to have been provided the opportunity to help drive both development and performance within the women's game, with a club and foundation that have always strived to strengthen female inclusion in basketball."

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