Marcus Graffiti Collage.png


13th February 2022

Following the successful launch of our new branding, we would like to spotlight U16 Development Coach Marcus Browne and thank him for his most recent project.

COLBC Director Matt Newby commissioned him to help bring a fresh new look to the playing side of the programme, which was rolled out in January 2022 in the new range of 15th Anniversary T-Shirts. It will become ever present on our uniforms and club apparel moving forward.

Marcus’s passion and profession as a graffiti artist, coupled with his longstanding relationship to the sport of basketball and his roots in Leeds, made him the obvious choice when the club was looking to re-establish its presence.

COLBC Director Matt Newby was quick to compliment Marcus’s work, citing:

“Marcus was a natural choice when we were looking at refreshing our identity, because of his talent and feel for both the sport and modern culture. He is at the forefront of the graffiti movement in Yorkshire and has been commissioned to work both independently collaboratively on projects nationally and internationally. I feel the club is lucky that Marcus was willing to commit his time to this project.

With the club and foundation looking forward to a summer full of new initiatives and projects, I’m sure we will be seeing more of Marcus’s talent and creativity come to the fore.

Marcus has a consistent presence in the city at a number of sites, so if you wish to get in touch you can find him on social media at @hyrograff.