Updated Friday 3rd December 2021

Here at City of Leeds Basketball Foundation, we’re committed to the health and safety of all participants, parents and staff.

Therefore following recent movements in government policy in response to the new COVID19 variants, the rising trend in infection rates and a shift in our facilities guidelines. We as a club request the following from our membership and parental body:

1. To reduce the footfall at sessions and limit the amount of people in the gym, it is preferred if parents are able to drop children off then return at the end of the session. However we appreciate for the younger cohort that parents may prefer to stay. If this is the case we ask that as a spectator you wear face masks in the indoor spaces. Additionally ensure you space appropriately in the spectator seating when possible.

2. When dropping your child off at the practice facility please can all adults ensure they are wearing face masks.

3. Please remind your child to sanitise frequently. There are dispensers within the facilities and the coaching staff will do the same.

4. We recommend that when carpooling that all parties wear face coverings and where possible make sure the car has some ventilation.

We appreciate your understanding, support and compliance in this matter.