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Mini Bounce

With our delivery in the primary school sector increasing once more and with a surge in demand for basketball activities for young children, we are excited to be launching our mini-bounce sessions in January 2019. 

Specifically tailored for Key Stage 1 children, between the ages of 4 and 7, we have invested in mini-basketball equipment including height adjustable baskets and mini basketballs to offer the best experience possible for boys and girls wishing to experience the game.  The coaches will run a blended session focusing on functional movement and basketball skills, aiding a child’s development of physical literacy, spatial awareness, throwing and catching skills and team based concepts. 


The cost per session is £5.00 per child for 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending on the venue.

Bounce Into Basketball

The Bounce Into Basketball sessions are an open session for children between the ages of 7 and 11 (Key Stage 2 or Years 3 to 6 at primary school).  Our coaches are focused on creating a fun environment where the aspects of fundamental movement are blended with activities and games with the core skills of basketball as a focus. The key areas of shooting, dribbling, passing and footwork are developed, with the children getting the opportunity to apply these skills in games. 

These sessions have proved incredibly popular over the past 3 years and act as a stepping stone into the sport. Children who are identified as talented will also be sign posted to our Junior National League or U12’s Academy program.  Don’t be shy Bounce Into Basketball!

The duration of these sessions is an hour and a half.  They cost £5.00 per child per session with bi-annual and annual memberships available offering discounts.  

New Heights Basketball

The New Heights are dedicated sessions for young people who have a keen interest in the sport and may have had an interest sparked in a community session, at school or simply through the increasing media surrounding this exciting sport. 


We provide city wide sessions with both boys and girls only sessions, alongside coeducational sessions. These sessions are designed for children in the early years of secondary school between the ages of 12 and 15 who wish to develop in the game and potentially transition to a more competitive environment, whether that be COLBF Central Venue Leagues or Basketball England’s Junior National League


Designed to develop individual skill sets, understand team concepts and advance game play, the sessions last an hour and a half.  The cost per session per child is £5.00 with annual and biannual membership options also available.  

Open Court

Open Court and Key Skills delivery will target academic Years 11-13 presenting the opportunity for young men and women to simply play.  Our aim is to engage young people and provide educational opportunities specific to the sport.  These groups will be offered upskilling in officiating and coaching, leading to the development of a volunteer and paid workforce.  By blending education with the opportunity to play recreationally we aim to target the post-16 age group to combat the drop off in sports participation. 


All Open Court session participants will be signposted to Central Venue League competition and encouraged to deliver peer-led sessions, developing independence and providing opportunities for the upskilled to enter a live coaching or officiating environment and develop their newly acquired skill set. 


The young emergent leaders and officials will be mentored by senior coaches and referees to ensure long term development and sustainability of the new U19’s league we will be offering.  If you are young and motivated and wish to learn about the game acquiring new skills it’s an OPEN COURT!

 Central Venue Leagues 

The City of Leeds Central Venue League structure is rapidly expanding with 2018-19 seeing growth in interest and participation.  With the National League landscape changing the age groups that we will be focusing on in 2019-20 will be as follows:  

Under 10’s Boys and Girls

Under 12’s Boys and Girls

Under 14’s Boys and Girls

The opportunity for local and regional teams to compete in this way has proved popular with a vibrant and exciting atmosphere being generated alongside new rivalries. It’s a stepping stone into the sport for young people and provides a healthy and safe environment for new clubs to accrue experience whilst new coaches and officials receive the opportunity to learn more about the game.  We feel this is a significant step for the broader basketball community in Yorkshire and hope to see the leagues at capacity from their outset in March 2019.

The CVL competition offers the opportunity for up to 12 teams to compete at the same venue on the same day, once a month:  we host these events at the Leeds Beckett University Arena and welcome applicants from around the region.  

U12's National Tournament Series

The National U12's Tournament series is now in its 4th year and in 2019 we hope will prove to be another resounding success. The COL Basketball Foundation has hosted both the North of England (Regional) and the Champion of Champions National Invitational Tournaments during this time. 

In the summers of 2016, 2017 and 2018 the LBU arena was alive with a festival vibe as some of the best U12's teams in the country went head to head.  The Champion of Champions in 2016 were the Brentwood Fire and in 2017 Manchester Giants took the title.  

Traditionally we have three or four courts alive with 15 - 20 teams over one or two days.  The tournaments run from 09:00 to 18:00 each day with all teams guaranteed four games in a day minimum. 


2019 Tournament Dates                 


North Regional Tournament 11th - 12th May 2019


Champion of Champions Tournament 29th - 30th June 2019 


Cost £200.00

After Schools Clubs

A popular option for a number of schools we deliver in is an after school club.


This is normally built following a half term of delivery in curriculum time and offers progression for the young people who wish to learn even more about the game.  It boosts the schools PE offer and helps develop a genuine basketball community in your school. 


These can be funded either by the school or set up as a pay-to-play session.  Please contact us for more details. 

Curriculum Delivery

Curriculum Coaching (Primary)


The City of Leeds Basketball Foundation Curriculum delivery package is built over a half term and is a 6-8 week programme covering 5 fundamental areas (footwork, ball handling, passing/shooting, defence/offence and game play).  It is appropriate for years 3 to 6 in primary school.  We also have a separate package blending fundamentals and functional movement with basketball for children in years 1 and 2.  We offer mentorship to teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers who the school may wish to upskill. 

We are very competitive within the broader coaching sector and have a strong reputation based on 10 years of coaching in the West Yorkshire community.  All our coaches carry a Basketball England Level 2 or above qualification; they have up to date first aid certification and undertake a DBS check no less than every 2 years.  Furthermore, our coaches will attend and access regular UK Sport courses which update and upskill them (including Child Protection and Working with Children).


Prices per session will vary depending on the geography of the school, the volume of work and links with other activity in your area. For a quote on activities you wish to develop please contact us.

Curriculum Coaching (Secondary)

The City of Leeds Basketball Foundation are committed to developing basketball in the City of Leeds and the West Yorkshire region and support a number of schools where there is no basketball expertise to enrich their curriculum. 


We are especially keen to assist schools to introduce the sport earlier in a child’s life as often we have worked with children in primary school who transition to high school but don’t have the opportunity until Year 9 to pick up a ball again unless there is a basketball activist at the school.  Often we will be employed for half a term and develop a designated group or groups whilst assisting the teacher with their knowledge base and developing their understanding of the fundamentals of the game and team concepts.  We also offer assistance in developing representative teams and support structures.

For further details and prices please contact us.

Basketball Camps

The City of Leeds Basketball Foundation run both community and performance camps that cater for players of all abilities.  We use multiple venues in the city including our community partner schools and Leeds Beckett University.  We run camps in all the breaks in the academic calendar and the focus of the camps is to provide a positive instructional environment focused on growth of the young people physically, mentally and socially introducing them to new skills challenging their potential and promoting excellence. 

All our coaches are qualified Basketball England coaches who hold a Level 2 or above qualification and they all are trained in First Aid and hold a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, ensuring a healthy and safe environment with staff who are dedicated to providing a fun and rich environment. 

Community Camp Description

The City of Leeds Community Camps focus on the new or developing player and are perfect for young boys or girls who have only recently experienced the game in their school or community or who are currently active in our participation programmes (Bounce, New Heights or Open Court).


They focus on the development of core skills, the introduction of team concepts and small sided games to maximise the children’s development and experience.  Delivered in fun and exciting ways by our dedicated coaching staff, they are often supported by guests from the British coaching fraternity.  The children benefit from a competitive atmosphere which fosters a positive attitude, improves their technical and tactical knowledge of the game, challenges them physically and encourages them to form new friendships through sport.   Each day players are spotlighted for their efforts with Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Most Improved Player (MIP) awards up for grabs each day with our coaches also running competitions throughout the course of camp where children can win prizes such as branded apparel.

Performance Camp Description

The Performance Camps are specifically tailored for those players who are currently playing in Basketball England’s  Junior National League structure or come from a community or school program which has a basketball pedigree.  This is an opportunity to improve in or out of season with our coaching staff focusing on individual skill development, advanced team concepts, decision making and physical conditioning. 


This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to not just increase time on the floor but harness quality instruction, receive feedback and focus on your game.  Within the camp structure players will have the opportunity to compete for individual prizes in our free throw, three point and dribble agility competitions as well as 1v1 and 3v3 tournaments plus MVP and MIP awards.  With each day closing with 5v5 full court games this is a fantastic experience and a genuine opportunity to improve.

Further details for our camps and other events throughout the year can be found here.

Teacher Training and Coach Education

Teacher Training 

Each year the City of Leeds Basketball Foundation offer a subsidised day-long course to our partner schools and the extended basketball community with a view to assist in the upskilling of members of the sporting and education fraternity.  We normally hold these in the Spring and Summer terms.


We deliver two programmes; one focused on the primary sector and one focused on secondary sector. Each course is an excellent precursor to the Basketball England National Governing Body awards. Course highlights include: delivery of age appropriate activities, sharing innovative ideas on developing sports-specific physical literacy, skill sets, designing or conditioning environments to foster strong decision making. 

The feedback has been consistently positive from these sessions with teachers leaving the floor with specific knowledge on technical and tactical facets of the game and a heightened awareness of the rules.


We are currently identifying appropriate dates for Summer 2019, but should you have in interest in this offer please contact us

Coach Education 

We are committed to developing the capacity of the West Yorkshire Basketball fraternity and work with multiple agencies throughout the year to deliver Basketball England coaching courses. These courses often attract community activists, teachers, sports students or those who simply wish to give back to the game.  All participants are looking for formal qualifications to start on the coaching pathway.  


Within the City of Leeds Coaching staff we have two highly qualified coach educators who can deliver BE and UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 courses.  Should you wish to partner with us on a course please contact us and we will work with the NGB to register and deliver the course. 

Mentorship Programs


Wings Mentorship Program

The Wings Mentorship programme will see young men and women from two tiers of our programme parachuted into primary schools to support the transition between primary school and secondary school.  We focus on Year 6 children who are making the step to year 7 in high school and assist them with the big changes that happen at that time. Additionally it gives young men and women from our Basketball Academy at Allerton High School the opportunity to give back to their own community under the stewardship of our community coaches.  All young mentors will receive tutoring in practical mentorship and are additionally qualified as either coaches, referees or table officials.

This programme has run for three years in the Allerton High School Primary school feeder network and in 2019 will see no less than 6 primary schools as the beneficiaries of 3 mentors (1 Senior and 2 Junior) coming to their school and delivering the transitional program. It aims to heighten the children’s awareness of the High School environment, build social competence and confidence, develop new effective communication methods and creates an awareness of the individual’s competencies and areas for development.

The method and mode of delivery sees the children engage in 12 hours of contact time with 6 hour-long based classroom activities, coupled with 6 hour-long on-court sessions with connections between the topics discussed and delivered.  There are homework tasks, which complement the class-based and on-court activities reflecting the themes and outcomes desired for effective transition.  


The key areas in which we will focus this program:

  • A Healthy Mind and Body

  • Risk and Resilience

  • Self-Awareness

  • Relationships Expectations and Friendship

  • Empowering: Knowledge Confidence and Communication

  • Future Destinations: Aspirations Attitudes and Behaviours


Inspire Achieve Excel

In the spring and summer terms of 2012 the City of Leeds Basketball Foundation piloted a mentorship programme in two primary schools in the City of Leeds.  The purpose of the initiative was to enhance children’s breadth and depth of knowledge prior to SAT’s through cross-curricular pathways using the sport of basketball and specifically targeting the core strands of Numeracy, Literacy and Reading within the primary curriculum. We want to offer you the same opportunity!

We provide an exciting interactive program based both in the classroom and on the basketball court, which encourages the young people to challenge their own potential, think about their aspirations and frame their future goals.


The process encourages social, emotional and cognitive growth through the children’s interaction with our mentors who will support the children at a ratio of 1 to 6 throughout the 6 - 8 week provision.  All our mentors are Academy players from the City of Leeds programme based at Allerton with diverse backgrounds and a commitment to our community agenda. All lessons are developed and planned with experts in education.



  • Allow the children to take ownership of their own learning, with the athlete mentor's support.

  • Focus on key areas within the classroom; literacy, numeracy and problem solving.

  • Use basketball and surrounding themes to make lessons more interactive and inspire the young people through an engaging and interactive delivery process.

  • Have regular feedback meetings with young people to help achieve their learning outcomes through guidance of their mentor.

  • This feedback can vary from verbal, written or showing the mentor their school work to broaden the young person’s communication skills.

  • Each student-athlete mentor will engage in a process where the children’s social, emotional, psychological and physical potential is challenged creating a platform for their transition into high school and their teenage years

  • The programme will encourage the children to generate new goals that will help them fulfil their aspirations, achieve realistic targets and pin point areas in which they may want to excel.


Quote: “A culture change has taken place at school this year! Children can achieve no matter what obstacles and barriers stand in their way, we’ve proved it! You have all been instrumental in moving those barriers out of the way and have given our children better life chances.”


Head Teacher Louise Hill (2012): Following best SATS Results ever.

Junior National League Basketball

Governed by Basketball England, the Junior National League (JNL) extends the length and breadth of the country and caters for U14’s through to senior competition.  The JNL pyramid boasts over 600 teams and 8000 registered players. With teams competing in regional conferences at a youth level, City of Leeds Basketball Club travel throughout the north of England and depending on the level of competition and age will travel as far as the Midlands in the season. 


In 2015-16 the national league system underwent a significant restructure with the focus on three core age groups U14’s, U16’s and U18’s.  For the forthcoming season buoyed by a strong influx of players from our community interests, school partnerships and Central Venue Leagues we will be fielding the following teams for the 2018-19 Season:


  • City of Leeds U18’s Men  Academy - U18’s Premier League (North)

  • City of Leeds U18’s Men Gold - U18’s Development League (North East)

  • City of Leeds U18’s Women - U18’s (North)

  • City of Leeds U16’s Boys Academy Premier League (North)

  • City of Leeds U16’s Boys Gold - U16’s Development League (North)

  • City of Leeds U16’s Boys Black - U16’s Development League (North)

  • City of Leeds U16’s Girls Gold - U16's Development League (North)

  • City of Leeds U14’s Boys Gold - U14’s Premier League (North)

  • City of Leeds U14’s Boys Black - U14’s Development League (North East)

  • City of Leeds U14’s Girls Gold - U14’s (North)

  • City of Leeds U12’s Boys Academy - Yorkshire League 

  • City of Leeds U12’s Girls Academy - Northern League 


JNL membership costs are as follows and cover the season's coaching, officiating, venue hire, licensing and insurance.   Annual Membership costs up to £400. Please contact us for further details. 



07912 178918

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