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28th January 2022

COLBC are delighted to announce that our long standing relationship with Allerton High School will see the high school programme get a fresh new look. The City of Leeds programme plays an active role in the curriculum delivery of the PE department and supports after-school programmes for all year groups.

Most recently, the school’s teams have been active in the Leeds & District schools competitions and this provides an excellent platform for young people to step into the sport and furthermore, be signposted to our Club and Academy teams.

COLBC Director and Academy Head Coach commented on the growth and expansion of the school programme:

“Basketball in the lower-school is blossoming thanks to the hard work and endeavour of new Lead Coach Ryan Weir, who has had significant impact in both curricular and extra-curricular sessions, with no less than 250 children benefiting from his delivery each week. It has been the perfect opportunity to highlight new talent, develop a stronger basketball community within the school, and hard target specific groups such as the young women in the school. The recent launch of our breakfast basketball clubs has seen more and more young people walk through the door, which only bodes well for the future development of the sport within the school.”

Mr Ross, Head of PE at AHS was quick to reinforce the benefits of recent developments:

“Having a dedicated coach to support basketball within the curriculum, and the extended offer of basketball at the start and close of the day, is having a significant impact on our children’s engagement and it’s great to see young people from across our school community taking the opportunity available to them. COLBC’s involvement has also helped with the upskilling and development of staff.”